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Welcome to our beautiful (and dangerous) home!

Whimsy is parkland, open to visitors. With Whimsy Kaboom to the west and Whimcentricity and Eccentricity to the south, and all sorts of ridiculous builds in the sky, there's much to see.

There's much to read, too. Whimsy's extensive signage tells the sim's tragic yet humorous entirely bogus history (see below).

Whimsy is indeed beautiful...

View of The Volcano Pele from The Upper Gardens
 ... and indeed dangerous!

Pele in Action!
Even the hummingbirds are a menace!

There's lots for visitors to do at Whimsy. Our guests can:

* walk extensive paths
* stroll through beautiful gardens
* explore undersea areas
* poke the volcano Pele
* ride the steam train
* take a peaceful (usually!) paddle in a canoe
* hang glide
* jetski
* float on a tube at the beach
* take the emergency escape unit (zipline) when Pele erupts
* find hidden features (caves, lava beds, wild creatures)
* take the Beautiful and Dangerous teleport tours
* dance or play games at the beautiful sky pavilions

Kitto Flora's Steam Train's Underwater Route on Whimsy

Louis Volare Concert at Whimsy
Whimsy Sungate
Whimsy's Backstory

Whimsy is a tropical volcanic island, formed from lava and sand. The original inhabitants departed after the volcano goddess Pele lost her temper; a cataclysmic explosion sent ash and molten lava onto the land below and blew out a side of Pele's classical conical caldera. The natives immediately departed in search of a more boring simulator. So, too, did Japanese and Chinese merchants who had long engaged in trade here. Remnants of all three cultures are evident in the form of tikis, garden structures, and houses.

Whimsy was rediscovered by Cheyenne and Exuberance when they found themselves on its shores after a freak “routine downtime” Second Life teleportation accident. Fascinated by the Paleolithic drinking bird they found on the shore, they claimed the land and declared Whimsy an independent nation-state.

We call Him Bob Because He Does