Sunday, March 25, 2007

Chey Hears from the Eco-Angel

[14:35] Joey Morrison: HI shuggah. I was out here on Forsaken today and ummm well, I couldnt help but notice your Umm build on one of your parcels. One its ummm kinda run down and ugly ( im sorry) Second its rather commercial looking for a residnential themed Sim shuggah. Will be much appreciated if you could find something a lil more suitable for the Area. Thanks :0)

Written 20 March, 2007

Chey Hears from the Eco-Angel

When I logged onto Second Life last night I found myself in receipt of a polite but firm note from one of Dreamland’s Eco-Angels.

It seems he didn’t think my water tower was in-theme for a residential area.

Now, every residential area I know of in RL has one or more water towers. We are blessed, or cursed, with them, and with telephone poles, radio and microwave towers, power stations, and other manifestations of the infrastructure which keeps us with water, power, and gas.

Still, I got her point.

After all, my water tower, which is labeled “Pele Municipal,” is some 30 meters tall, with a really bad case or iron oxidation.

All right, rust.

In fact, the thing is so rusty it has sprung a leak.

Sometimes ugly things can be beautiful, and I like to think this is the case with the water tower. My friend Axel said he likes it, and I didn’t even prompt him. Sweetie has been keeping her peace about it, though, which means she hates it.

Just the night before, I had added red neon rings to the tower, four of them, to make it even more appealing—or, perhaps, less unappealing.

It was of course, akin to painting a turd, but then I remember (with no particular fondness) the turd birds that were once sold in truck stops throughout North America—so painting a turd can actually work.

Not in this case, though.

The water tower and the WKRP radio tower which stood beside it are now in my inventory. In their absence, we’re having to boil water from the Forsaken River and listen to our old LPs, since there’s no longer a radio station.

Hmmm. Maybe I can build a big-ass satellite dish and pull in MTV.

Say thirty meters in diameter. Yeah, thirty meters!

In fact, I think I will.

Just don’t tell the eco-angel.

Photos: Chey briefly and surreptitiously rezzed the Pele Municipal water tower and WKRP radio tower to take these photos.

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