Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pig Army at Burning Life

 Written 23 September, 2007

Pig Army at Burning Life

I've been visiting the Burning Life sims, which are under development (I'm afraid if I wait until the actual opening of the festival, the land will be crowded and laggy and I might not even be able to get in).

Burning Life is filled with strange and funny things, but the strangest and funniest was at a recycle center-- a basket filled with recycled newbie penises-- one of which was wiggling arouind.

"It followed me home."


Alas, no pictures.

I seem to have taken only one snapshot, this photo of an array of prim pigs. It's good I did, for I did what I often do when I see a captive audience; I took the stage. And when I get silly, guess who else gets silly? Luckily, I saved the Chat log of our conversation:

You: All right, men
You:, pigs
You: I want you to screw up your courage like you have screwed up your tails!
You: Like George Bush has screwed up America!
You: We are going to take back the Armour meat packing plant!
You: Are you with me?
You: Are you with me? Say OINK!
Sweetie: Yes Yes Yes
Sweetie: The plant is ours!
Sweetie: We'll shove 'em in their own casings and pickle their ears!

[Cheyenne plays imported elephant trumpet sound]

You: Do you hear that noise?
You: Our friends the pachyderms are showing their solidarity!
Sweetie: It is time for the pork  rebellion!
Sweetie: The swine wars are at hand!
Sweetie: Embrace your haminess!
Sweetie: And oink for your freedom!
You: We will drive them to their knees!
You: And hear them bacon for mercy!
You: No more!
Sweetie: You must screw your curly tails to the sticking place!
You: No more sausage!
You: No more kielbasa!
Sweetie: And defend your ham bone!
You: No more ham hocks!
You: No more pork chops!
You: No more pig's feet!
You: Well, you may keep the ones you have.
You: And maybe pork chops
Cheyenne Palisades likes pork chops
Sweetie: There's something disturbing about the way these pigs are staring at me with their unblinking eyes.
Sweetie: It's as if they had a message to give me.
Sweetie: From now on it's beer bellies!
You: Down with the pork bellies futures market!
You: Oh. They already closed it!
You: Up with porcine happiness!
You: You're being awfully quiet, men!
You: Pigs!
You: You are with us in this, aren't you?
You: We can't help you if you won't help yourselves!
You: Not talking?
You: That's it, I'm outta here!
You: This isn't the only place that needs organizers!
You: You can all be potted meat product for all I care!
You: I understand the Spam animals are in need of a union!
Sweetie: Blink those beady eyes twice if you can hear us...
You: You guys are just gonna have to do it on your own.
Sweetie: Let us do battle for a kosher way of life!
Sweetie: Don't wallow in your slavery!
Sweetie: Arise!
Sweetie: Arise!
Sweetie: Arise!'

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