Tuesday, June 16, 2015

RL Thoughts Intrude: My To-Do List

Whimsy's sun can be brutal. Until I can get to the CVS for virtual sunscreen I'm wearing long sleeves. Photo by Sweetie.

OMG! I can't remember the last time I changed the oil in the engine of the little train that runs around Whimsy. Or lubricated the wheels.

Need to buy some sunscreen to protect me from Whimsy's fierce UV rays.

Can't remember if my property liability insurance payment is overdue. Whimsy has a lot of visitors and I wouldn't want to be sued if one of them fell into Pele's caldera or was eaten by the piranha.

Out of toothpaste and deodorant. Reminder: stock up.

Wash your dirty clothes, Cheyenne!

Can't remember the day of the week for garbage collection day.

Take my flying car to shop for tune-up.

Schedule annual check-up with AGP (avatar general physician).

Search the grid for a CVS pharmacy.

Buy stamps.

Get registered to vote for next Second Life CEO.

Shine all my shoes.

There. That should just about do it.

Whimsy's Sim Neighbors Going Away, Probably

The Forsaken Sim, ca early 2007. My property is at bottom left; you can see the house Sweetie built for me and the volcano Pele. Leaf's property is at lower right. Her formal estate soon gave way to tropical silliness; I'm afraid Sweetie and I were baaaad influences. Dodgeguy Woodward lived at upper left. He was another great neighbor.
Back in 2006, when I bought my first parcel in Second Life, my sim neighbor was Leaf Shermer. Over a period of several years of drama and turmoil from an assortment of neighbors in Dreamland, I bought a sim-- and so did Leaf. Once again, she was just to our south. Her sim was named Eccentricity.

Our initial thought-- both of us-- was to have but a single sim each, but ill timing of our purchases soon left us each with a second sim, a new type of sim, a homestead. That happened because not a week after we bought our regions the Lindens dropped the setup price from $1500 USD to $1000. By way of compensation they gave us each a homestead with three months free tier. That's how we got Whimsy Kaboom. and how Leaf got her homestead Whimcentricity.

For most of the past five years we've had a block of six sims, three owned by me and three owned by Leaf. Leaf was kind enough to share Whimcentricity with us and rented the homestead Whimsical Mischief from me; in addition she owned a second homestead, Idiosyncracy.

We had great times and a zillion visitors to our asian- and island-themed sims-- but then Leaf, for personal reasons, became unable to log into Second Life.

She kept her regions up for two years, bless her heart, but I suspect she had made a decision to pull the plug. Having three regions is expensive and when you can't enjoy them...

Leaf's regions are offline and I expect they will soon be gone forever. She might still decide to keep them going, but I doubt she will. I certainly wouldn't. From now on it seems there will be just two sims in our little block-- Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom.

Leaf was a great person and is a great neighbor. We had a lot of fun times with her and we miss her terribly. I hope at some future time she will be able to come back into the world. When she does there will certainly be space and prims for her on Whimsy.

Leaf, we love you!