For the most part I've stopped adding blogs to this list. I am, however, doing my best to remove dead links.

Some of the blogs below are no longer active, but that doesn't mean they're not good reads.

Ahuva's Blog
AlexHayden Junibalya: Walking With Avatars
Alicia Chenaux: Ch'Know
An Engine Fit For My Proceeding
Avatars in Motion
ArnimasX Saiman: Second Effects
Ari Blackthorn: Socially Mundane
Ariane's Life in the Metaverse
Arwyn Quandry: Second By Second
Botgirl's Second Life Diary
Carrie Lexington: SLife Fantastic
Chestnut Rau: Second Life of My Dreams
Crap Mariner: ...What Is This Crap?
Dale Innis' Weblog
Eloise Pasteur: Eloise's Thoughts and Fancies
Emily Orr: The Train-Wreck Love Life
Fleep Tuque: Explore the Metaverse
Grace McDunnough: Phasing Grace
Gracie Kendal: A Conversation With My Avatar
Gwynneth Llewellyn's Home
Hamlet Au: New World Notes
Headburro Antfarm: Backpacking Burro
Hiro Pendragon: Second Tense
Holocluck's Henhouse
Honour McMillian: Honour's Post-Menopausal View
Iggy O: In A Strange Land
ILiveSL: The Blog
Inara Pey: Living in the Modern World
Kenneth Y.T. Lim: Voyeurism
Lalo Telling: Telling: Like It Is
Little Lost Linden: The Bot Zone
Marianne McCann: Feted Inner Child
Melissa Yeuxdoux: Living La Vita Segunda
Michelle Hyacinth's Weblog
Miyo Darcy's Blog
Nalates' Things and Stuff Blog
Pathfinder Linden: Be Cunning and Full of Tricks
Peter Stindberg: Second Stindberg
Pixels and Policy
Raftwet Jewell: The A List! Virtual World
Rocky Constantine: In-World and Out
Salome Says
Scaggs Life
Sitearm Madonna
Snickers Snook: Snickers' Doodles
Soror Nishi
Soup: Art In the Virtual World
Tateru Nino: Dwell On It
Terra Nova
Torley Linden's Blog
Two Three Six Five
Tymmerie Thorne: Girl Wonder Speaks
Uccello Poultry: Poultry Report
Yse Siffeuse et Gloodeuse
Alphaville Herald

Archireya Rezak
Bubbles Komachi: Super Gangster
German SL Style
Harper Beresford: A Passion for Virtual Fashion
Look at Those F*cking
Prim Perfect
Second Life Newser
Shopping Cart Disco

Adric Antfarm: Living on a Prim
Alexa's Second Life Blog
Ari Blackthorne: CommonSensible
Bettina Tizzy: Not Possible In Real Life
Black Coffee and Warm Milk
Bliss Windlow: Social Bliss
Boyd Doghouse: Parktown Progress 
Brinda Benares 
Ciaran Laval: Your2ndPlace 
Cinco Pizzicato's Second Life 
Daniel Voyager's Blog
Delinda Dyrssen: afk... but not for long! 
Dylan Rickenbacker: Dylan's Drama
East River Community
Jenaia Morane: Days of Our Second Lives
Jessica Lyon's Blog
Joshue Habana, Pixel Scoop
KristinLee Cinquetti: Kristin's Viewer
Lalo Telling: Telling: Like It Is
Lauren Weyland: Lauren Live
Lou Netizen: Lou's Clues
Marnix Malifozik: Mooching With Marnix
Marx Dudek: In Marx Mode
Moirae Loorden's Blog
Natalia Zelmanov: Mermaid Dairies
Nickola Martynov, Better Living Virtually
Our Virtual Trilogy
Patrice Cournoyer: Patrice's Terraforming
Phayalen Fairchild
Prad Prathivi: Metaversally Speaking
Rachel Corleone: Second Life Travel Blog
Raul Crimson: A Crimson World
Ryl Warblood: The Second Life of Ryl Warblood
Second Life World Explorers
Veronique Lalonde: Veronique's Second Life Blog
Women Who Dance With Frogs
Zha's Virtual Musings