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Fashionista Sweetie Raves Enthusiastic

Stargazer Designs
Written 1 November, 2007

Fashionista Sweetie Waxes Enthusiastic

I have no idea what it is with Sweetie and boxes. Somehow, they just appeal to her.

I’ve blogged about the box I gave her for a present—how much she liked it, how she decorated it and made it her own, how she wears it and even lives it in sometimes, how she will fly around in the box at parties, making a one-avatar light and particle show.

Well, it happened again last night.

Box madness.

We were at the grand opening of the jewelry store of our mutual friend Stargazer Blazer, who has become a master jeweler. You, dear reader, should go there immediately to admire her wares, and especially the boxes it comes in.

Here’s the SLURL:

I’ve posted a nice photo of the store I took this morning. Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard to get any snapshots last night.

I could ‘splain what happened, but better to just give you a lightly edited chat log (woots and lols removed. I have preserved most of Sweetie’s unique spelling because it is so charming.).

Stargazer Blazer: Hi Chey! Hi Sweetie! Welcome :)

You: Hiya, Star!

Sweetie: Congrats on the store star :) nice and class adn plenty of room to grow in to :)

Stargazer Blazer: thanks!

You: Congratulations, Star! Lovely party, lovely store, lovely designs!

Stargazer Blazer: thanks! yayyyy

Stargazer Blazer blushes

Sweetie: look what i have chey? yes this thing on my wrist

Sweetie: What is it you ask

Sweetie: why of course it a faaaaabulous box design by star :)

Sweetie: i love it ;)

Sweetie: hehe and when you see whats inside

Sweetie: whooot

You: She will throw away the jewelry and keep the box

You: She's like a kid

Stargazer Blazer: lmao

Cheyenne Palisades gets to keep all the pretty jewelry

Sweetie: no i will keep the box adn wear the braclet on my head

You: "Look, Sweetie, a pretty box, and all you have to do is give me that diamond."

Sweetie: or put it on the cat for the mos faaaabulous collar ever

Sweetie: she's glamour cat

Sweetie: she deserves only the best

Sweetie: and oh where is the best you ask

Sweetie: why thank you for asking

Sweetie: of course it is at stars store

Sweetie: have you been ?

Sweetie: it is fabulous

You: only the best people go

Stargazer Blazer giggles

Sweetie: Repeatedly

Sweetie: speakign of which take a lnadmiark writgh now

Sweetie: pass them to your friends

Sweetie: they make great stocking stuffers

Sweetie: a paid marketer star hired in to randomly walk around adn hype her stuff at the party

Sweetie: why, whatever make syou say that

Sweetie i take offense

Sweetie: i am a fashionista

Sweetie: i have a platinum card

You: It has no expiration date

Sweetie: adn i only take payment in wearables

Sweetie: or without my star bracelet on

You: She won't leave home without it

Stargazer Blazer: she is a fashionista

You: Hair

You: $250L

You: Gown

You: $800L

You: Shoes

You: $400L

You: A trip to Star's store?

You: Priceless

Sweetie: have you been to star's shes fabbbbbulous

Sweetie: yes stars is the best

Stargazer Blazer giggles so much her face hurts

Sweetie: even her boxes make a fashion statment that is FEIRCE

You: Ouch, baby, stop banging that box into me

Sweetie: it can't hurt you. it is a star box

Sweetie: you have to have pain for bueaty

You: Well, I'm black and blue

Sweetie: for example right now i have no circulatoin whatsoever in my box wearing hand

You: I noticed that

Sweetie: but do i mind NOOOOOOOO i am wearing a star box and that makes it all worth it

Sweetie: adn just wait till you see what is in side

You: You mean…

You: you mean…

You: such a beautiful box and there's something INSIDE too?

You: wow

Sweetie: thaaaaaats right a star original :)

Sweetie: thank you everyone the star sales hour players will now be taking a fifteen minute break to go enjoy their faaaabul
ous star jewelry

Stargazer Blazer applauds

Sweetie: thank you thank you thank you

Sweetie: you may pelt me with wearables to show appriciation

You: Just give her the boxes

You: she won't know the difference

Sweetie why of course i wont , it is aSTAr box adn i woudl gladly suffer to wear such beauty :)

You (to Star and her husband Rev): You two should be glad she had a class in RL and coudln't get to your wedding

Stargazer Blazer: we missed her!

Sweetie: ooooooh Stars wedding and i MISSED it

Sweetie: what did the bride wear

You: I would ahve had to have given her Valium

Sweetie: i bet it was FAAAAbulous

You: It was beautiful!

Sweetie: and came in a beautiful box

You: Here, hon, take this pill

You: You know what the doctor said

Sweetie: I don wanna take the pills

Sweetie: Thank you all we are off to our next grand openign evernt :) and thank you star for hte Fabulous box adn stuff inside it :)

You: Thanks so much, Star. Best of luck with your store.

Stargazer Blazer: Oh, thanks so much for coming. Take some cake! :D

Sweetie: Does it come in a box?

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