Monday, October 18, 2010

Early Morning Reflections From Cape Cod

I'm at the Very Very End of Cape Cod

Written 18 October, 2010

Early Morning Reflections From Cape Cod

I'm writing this at four in the morning, having been waken by wind-driven branches scraping against the side of the house.

Had I realized it was branches, I would have rolled over and gone back to sleep. But it sounded like a critter in the ductwork, which was creepy enough to keep me awake. Finally I rose, found the source of the noise, made a sandwich, and logged onto the wireless network with my laptop.

I'm in Provincetown, Massachusetts, on the very end of Cape Cod. Tomorrow I give an invited presentation at a conference.

I wouldn't be here if not for the kindness of a friend, who offered me a place to stay. I have a fabulous suite in a fabulous house on Bradford Street. Tomorrow I give my talk, and then I'm free to wander the streets and see the sights.

My original plan was to leave Wednesday morning, heading for the home of the real-life Sweetie. But lodging opportunities have opened up, and it seems I'll be here all week. The weather is superb.

I'm happy to be here, but the past two days have been different for both me and Sweetie. For the past four years we've been together every single day, for hours, sometimes in Second Life, sometimes in Skype, and on the phone (Skype is so much clearer than our cell phones that we prefer it). All weekend I was in transit and then visiting friends in Rhode Island on Saturday, and in transit again on Sunday, driving up the Cape with an old friend. Conference activities (registration, welcome reception, and having a slice of pizza at Spiritus with friends I hadn't seen since last year took up the rest of the day).

Over the past two days I spoke with Sweetie a dozen times or more via cell phone ("Hey, babe, I'm in the waiting area and my plane's about to board. Just wanted you to know I made it to the airport in time." "Hi, hon, the plane just touched down in Philly. Looks like I'll have plenty of time to make the connecting flight." "Hello, sugar, I had a quiet moment and just wanted to hear your voice.") It was nice to talk, but different from our usual-- and the next seven days will no doubt bring more of the same.

I'm able to get in world on the wireless network where I'm staying, and my laptop runs Second Life admirably, so Bob the Giant Paleolithic Drinking Bird's adventures will continue. But two days on the road made me realize just how important Second Life is to both myself and Sweetie as a channel of communication during the times when we're apart.

Anyway, just being silly and sentimental at five in the morning. The laptop is about to go dead, so this post is going onto Blogger unproofread-- and I'm off to bed.

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