Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bob Saga XIV: Finally, the Random Demand!

Sweetie Would Like the Kidnapper to Know
The Lime-Mango Chutney Ink Was Delicious
And That if So Much as a Tail Feather is Bent
There Will Be Hell to Pay
Written 13 October, 2010

The Bob Saga

XIV: Finally, the Ransom Demand!

We interrupt this broadcast to bring you to Whimsy and a distraught Cheyenne Palisades. Ms. Palisades, we understand there has finally been a ransom demand for Bob's return.

Yes, Sleezy, one of the postcards delivered on Sunday had hidden writing...What's that? Oh, Sweetie wants me to tell you the ink was lime-mango chutney. What's that?

And that it was delicious.

What did the message say?

Oh, grow up, Sleezy. It's posted at the top of this blogpost.

Neelix, can you point the camera up there? Thanks. And stop grumbling. The cameraman will be back at work tommorow.  He has a sick prim kid. It happens.

As our viewers can see, the bobnapper is asking for one million Lindens.

Gosh, Cheyenne, that's what in real money? About $23 USD?

Close enough, Sleezy.

And do you have one million Lindens?

I can get them. I have rich and influential friends, and I have the dirt on them.

So, are you planning to make the money drop?

Yes, after dark tonight.


I'm going to have to keep that confidential until the next blog post.

Can't you tell our listeners now? Both of them?

Sorry, Sleezy, I have to stretch this plotline out until Halloween.

Have you informed the Lindens of these new developments?

Let's just say tickets have been submitted. Which of course means the drop will be long past before it comes to the Lindens' attention. Sleezy, will you please hold this champagne flute for me?

Certainly, Cheyenne, and thanks for the exclusive. Now back to our previously scheduled program.

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