Friday, October 22, 2010

The Bob Saga: XXV: Ransom Drop Redux

Written 22 October, 2010

The Bob Saga

XXV: Ransom Drop Redux

I've never been to one of these Burning Life thingies. It looks scary out there. I'm not at all sure I should be walking around out there with a million Lindens on me.

Okay so far. Maybe I can adjust Windlight to make it look less spooky. Here goes...

Oh, yes, much better! Now it's merely bizarre. Not scary at all.

"Yoo hoo, Mr. Bobnapper! Ms. Bobnapper! I have your money right here!"

Surely I've not been stood up again!

"Excuse me, blurry avatars. Are you the Bobnappers?"

Guess not.

"You and Bob could be related. Have you seen a 30-foot, 40-ton, deified Paleolithic granite drinking bird around? Or his kidnappers? No, I've not been drinking. Well, I HAVE, but not that much."

"How about you? Have you seen any Bobnappers about?"

This place is so huge! I'll NEVER find the bobnappers here. I'm calling it. Okay, all you Lindens stand down. Take off your invisiprims. Operation Bobdrop is aborted. Repeat, Bobdrop is aborted.

What, you thought I would take a million Lindens onto land full of pyromaniacs without protection?

Sweetie, you were right-- it was a waste of time coming here.

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