Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Bob Saga XV: Fingerprint Analysis

Touch the Bottle on Whimsy
For a Complementary Flute of Bubbly

Written 13 October, 2010
The Bob Saga

XV: Fingerprint Analysis

"Sweetie, I had no idea why you wanted me to drink champagne during a bobnapping interview, but when you asked me in IM to hand my glass to Sleezy, I figured it out. Here it is."

"Oh, yes, we have imprints of the thumb and three fingers."

"I noticed she drinks with her pinkie sticking out," I said. "I wonder why we avatars don't have four fingers like other cartoons."

"Shhh! I'm working!"

"Is that powdered sugar you're using to bring up her prints?

"It might be."

"You're going to lick it off when you're finished, aren't you?"

"Shhh!!" She said. "Now running database analysis on the Torley-Ravenelle FLICKR files."

I said, "I've been meaning to ask you about that database..."

"You can find it here," she said. "Click on the set 'Exploring the World with Torley and Ducky'. And look here, too"

"So, who's Ducky?" I asked. "And shouldn't it technically be called the Torley-Ravenelle-Ducky files?"

"It's... complicated," she said. "Let it rest."

"Righto," I said. It's never wise to press Sweetie for information. Two words: spy training. And another: katana.

"Crap! No match!" she said. "That print on the negatives doesn't belong to Sleezy."

"She could still be Notorious Henchman," I said.

"Possibly, but I don't think so. I'm sure she's involved somehow."

"Well, she HAS been coming here a lot to ride the train."

"Exactly! And what better way to monitor what we're doing!"

"Are you going to fingerprint everybody we know?"

"Certainly not!" she said. "But do remember to hand each and every guest on our lovely sim a complementary flute of champagne. They take prints so well!"

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