Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nephilaine Protagonist's Cathedral at Mocha

Note the nice one-prim pews

Written 3 February, 2009

Nephilaine Protagonist’s Cathedral at Mocha

Perhaps because it was Sunday, Sweetie was seized by a desire to visit cathedrals in Second Life. And so off we went, profile picking and using search.

We didn’t have much luck, but we did find Nephilaine Protagonist’s cathedral on the Mocha sim.

If the name (Nephilaine, not Mocha) sounds familiar, think PixelDolls. She’s a designer of clothes and owner of the store where I made my very first Second Life shopping trip.

Sitting high on a promontory, the cathedral is visually striking. Inside, it’s pretty and functional, big enough to move about in comfortably and conservative in its use of prims (the pews were an extremely well-textured single prim).

The cathedral’s most striking feature, though, was a display of candles on ascending shelves. There had to have been more than 200 of them! Visiting avatars are invited to get a candle from a dispenser, add their prayer or special wish on the description line, place it on a shelf, and light it. Autoreturn is off in the area around the candles, so once placed they will stay there.

Very nice.

Ms. Protagonist has done the community a favor by making such a peaceful and useful place.

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Marianne McCann said...

The Cathedral in Mocha dates way, way back (inspect that building and you'll see!). Somewhere on those shelves I have a candle burning, and every so often I stop in and make sure all of them are still lit.