Friday, February 6, 2009

Big Hair

This dance floor is but one feature of Sweetie's latest adventure in hair.

Written 6 February, 2009

Big Hair

"The Ladies' Head-Dress"

Give Chloe a bushel of horsehair and wool
Of paste and pomatum a pound
Ten yards of gay ribbon to deck her sweet scull
And gauze to encompass it round.
Let her gown be tucked up to the hip on each side
Shoes too high for to walk or to jump
And to deck sweet charmer complete for a bride
Let the cork cutter make her a rump
Thus finished in taste while on Chloe you gaze
you may take the dear charmer for life
but never undress her, for out of her stays
You’ll find you have lost half your wife

---The Lady's Magazine, 1777

Sweetie's taste in hair runs to the unusual-- and she's particularly fond of French hairstyles from the late 1700s. She has several VERY tall hairdos.

We've been joking about me making a train to run around and around her tallest hair-- but I won't be even trying it now, for my imagination is but a pale shadow compared to that of Pandora Wrigglesworth of Curio Obscura.

Tonight Sweetie bought hair that surpasses the hair of Marie Antoinette's fondest dreams! It's hair so big it requires six dirigibles and four propellors to keep it up. It's hair with a dance floor with animated dancers. It's hair that requires you to increase your draw distance. It's colossal hair!

The photos give only an indication of the immensity of this hair!

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