Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beep Beep! The Oui Coupe!

Pandora Wriggleworth's tiny Oui Coupe is a riot and a bargain at five hundred bucks.

Henry Ford would be proud that it comes in basic black--

but the color can be easily changed via a menu.

Available colors are black, gray,white, pink, red (shown), blue, green, purple, copper, and rust.

My favorites are flames...

... and clown car:

Note the tires on the flames car. The menu lets you switch between blackwall and whitewall tires.

The clown paint is especially appropriate, considering how one gets into the Oui coupe.

First, check out how small it is.

Now watch me climb in.

Here I am, fully ensconced. I was too lazy to take off my flexible prims before sitting, or I would be completely inside.

Click on the picture just above and notice the license plate. It has named itself after me-- as best as can be managed with six letters.

Other menu options control access, a beacon (which can be most happy when the car gets lost), the color of the license plate, and the size of the car. It can be made considerably smaller or much bigger.

Driving the coupe is easy, if precarious. You can use the arrow keys to move forward and backward and to steer, both in and out of mouselook. Page up and page down select high and low speeds, and e honks the horn.

I've had great fun with the Oui coupe, racing about chasing friends, bumping into things, and driving off ledges-- unfortunately, so much I didn't take any photos. I hate when that happens.

Buy the Oui Coupe at Curio Obscura.

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