Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Broken Grid Redux

Written 6 December, 2006

Broken Grid Redux

All is not well on the grid.

Since last Wednesday’s update, Search has not worked well, if it works at all.

Local water keeps disappearing. This can be annoying if you’re terraforming, as I have been.

Teleporting has been erratic.

Rezzing has been slow for some people.

And I don’t get item descriptions and prices when I point at objects when shopping. I have to select Buy to see what the items are and how much they cost.

It’s serious when I can’t shop properly!

Last night when I logged on, there was new software waiting. It didn’t help.

It’s a wonder SL works at all. It’s so marvelously complex, involving thousands of servers and communication systems installed all around the planet and in high orbit, and 90 katrizillion electrons rushing through minimicroscopic channels in circuit boards and cranky humans typing on keyboards and AC power at the 110v outlet and out-of-date PCs with only 32 mb of video RAM. How could it possibly work?

But it does, most of the time, and after a fashion.

After the upgrade on 23 November, things worked pretty well for me. I wasn’t bombing out of the program, I could teleport fast and reliably, and lag was within reason, even in crowded spots. But since last Wednesday’s upgrade, it’s been annoying.

I wonder: when something like this happens, why not revert the grid to the latest state known to work properly?

There may be technical reasons for not doing this, but it makes sense to me. Send that latest configuration to betatesting land and keep it the frak there until it works like it’s supposed to!

Give me an amen, brothers and sisters!


Photo: Local water missing. Reward for its return. No questions asked.

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