Thursday, December 28, 2006

Breaking and Entering in Second Life

Written 27 December, 2006

Breaking and Entering In Second Life

I’ve already noted that the physics are different in Second Life.

Yet sometimes, they’re much the same.

Examples follow.

I. Breaking and Entering

One of my friends—I won’t mention him by name, but I’ve written about him in this blog—taught me a great housebreaking trick. Thanks, you!

Locked out of your place? Want to get into a friend’s place, but can’t? Or just want to snoop around?

You probably already know that if you disable camera constraints and play with Camera Control, there’s not much you can’t do. You can, for instance, click on the wall of a dwelling, zoom in, and, by rotating the view, look about inside.

Last night, after my lover picked up her (remember, for the sake of language, we selected a gender here, and the dice came up female) things and went home to prepare for a long week on the road with bad internet connections (Oh, how I will miss her!), I lay upstairs on the rug at the House of 1000 Pleasures (pleasures of which I have now experienced quite a few). Idly, I rotated my view to the landing platform outside the front door, which I had wrecked earlier in the evening by scrambling its textures.

I right-clicked on the platform, selected edit, unlinked the three-part structure, repaired the texture densities, re-linked and renamed it, and saved a copy to inventory—all without moving a muscle.

How great was that! I was inside and naked, yet working outside!

With that in mind, here’s the trick my friend taught me.

If you rotate your view inside a structure—even one with a locked door—and select an object and sit on it, you will instantly materialize on the object, inside the structure. Stand up, and you are free to explore.

You have now broken and entered.


Photo: If you try the B&E trick, this will be your new outfit

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