Saturday, December 30, 2006

First Land!

Written 28 December, 2006

First Land!

Every premium subscriber to Second Life is entitled to First Land.

First Land is a 512 square meter plot which costs only $1L per square meter.

That’s a bargain.

Or would be, if there was any First Land.

There is First Land, of course, but there’s not much of it, and as soon as it appears, it goes fast.

Very fast.

I’m talking minutes, and not in the double digits.

Last night I was lucky enough to acquire my First Land.

I had been giving Pam and Bill Havercamp a tour of Pele, and we were just winding down. Bill had already jumped to his guitar shop to work on his fringe jacket (think of Dennis Hopper in (Easy Rider), and Pam and I were chatting about property. As I told Pam that despite my many searches, I had never found a single plot for sale, I idly hit the Search Button, Selected Land, set the indicator for First Land, and hit Enter. Four plots popped up.

“I gotta go,” I said.

My first teleport attempt failed, so I frantically selected another plot and tried again. This time I materialized on a plot on a hillside. There were lots of avatars about, some on the same property. I looked quickly to make sure there was no rule against using the land for business—there wasn’t—and hit Buy Land. And just in time, too.

And so I found myself a land owner all over again.

I teleported in Exuberance (I wanted to offer her space to set up an office for her building business) and we met the neighbors. Gay guys on both sides. Good. They gentrify, and are great for property values. I turned on the land’s radio, stuck a couple of trees and flowers in the ground, and Xubi and I went exploring. To 50,000 meters.


Photo: Cheyenne’s First Land (It's the park-like area)

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