Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Meet My Builders

Written 11 December, 2006

My Volcano

V. I Meet My Builders

On my first solo trip to look at land, I found myself in Dreamland Asia. The countryside was pretty and the buildings—most of them, anyway-- classically Asian in design.

The most likely property didn’t, alas, have a western view of the ocean—and in the distance, I could see what appeared to be twin containment towers for a nuclear power plant. That really bothered me.

When I spotted a woman working not far away, I flew over and introduced myself. Her name was Exuberance Lafleur, and she was most gracious to a newbie.

“I wouldn’t worry about the power plant,” she told me. “It’s most likely a squatter, and he’ll soon get the boot.” Sure enough, the stacks were soon gone.

Exuberance showed me a wading pool she had made. The bottom was beautiful. “It’s my mother’s stained glass texture,” she told me. I asked if it was for sale, and she told me it was.

She named a price.

“I’d like to come back and buy one,” I said.

According to her profile, Exuberance—Xubi, for convenience’s sake-- was partnered with Aaron Vollmer. I met Aaron a couple of days later, while sorting out landmarks.

Landmarks often don’t give one much in the way of clues to what’s at the location they specify. Unless one diligently renames and files them, they accumulate, and the only thing to do with the ones that aren’t recognizable is to either delete them or take the jump and see what's at the other end.

I was sorting landmarks, and my very last teleport was to Dreamland Asia.

I was about to teleport away when I noticed a man working on prims in the distance.

“I’ll bet that’s Aaron,” I said to myself. It wasn’t, as I discovered when I flew close enough to call up the profile of the man working below me.


Aaron was, in fact, the tiny yellow Care Bear that was fast approaching. He stopped, hovering in front of me for a moment, then zoomed in circles around me as if to look at me from all directions. He could fly really fast.

“Hi,” I IMed. “I’m Cheyenne. I met Exuberance—“ thank goodness I remembered her first name— “the other day. I was just sorting through my landmarks and didn’t recognize this one and came here to sort it out.” I was overexplaining; the Care Bear was making me nervous.

I told Aaron about my new property, and he agreed to visit it with me. I teleported there and sent him an assist, and soon he was zipping around the property, checking potential house sites.

“I could build a house for you,” he said.

A custom-built house! I hadn’t thought about that!


Photo: Care bear Aaron and Exuberance, consulting in mid-air

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