Sunday, December 24, 2006

My Friend Kal

Written 11 December, 2006

My friend Kal

My dear friend Kal was one of the first people I met in Second Life. We were total newbies together. The first picture is one of my earliest snapshots, taken before either of us got our look together.

Before long we were hanging out at the trivia lounge in Wingo.

Kal doesn’t talk much, but when he does, it’s worth the listening.

On Halloween eve, he and I were at Wingo in costumes. I was a Playboy bunny, and he was Superman. Stop me if I’ve told this story before.

A naked woman appeared in the lounge, right in front of God and everyone.

There was 20 seconds of stunned silence.

Then Kal, bless him, said in Chat, “I didn’t know this costume came with x-ray vision.”

So yeah, he’s worth listening to.

Kal is a big fan of Superman, and of the Beatles. He lives in Texas, and has brothers who play guitar. He plays too.

Kal’s a fan of live music in SL, as am I. He cleaned up at a Bill and Pam Havercamp concert when he knew the answers to all of the Beatles-related trivia questions. A day later, he presented me with a beautiful Marshal amp he had won. He knew I wanted to perform, and reasoned, correctly, that I would need an amplifier

He stunned me shortly after that when he gave me a single red rose.

What a sweetheart Kal is!

Kal is renting a skybox, which comes with a ridiculously low prim allowance. He’s allowed only 30. I visited and we talked about what he could fit into his space and how to budget his prims. I mean, SL is a world where a single easy chair can have 45 prims!

I found a four-prim couch in my inventory and gave him a copy, and on the spot made a one-prim table for him. Then we went together to Parrot Island, a great place which has low-prim, $L1 lighting. A few days later, I teleported him to a mall where I had gone to buy an anti-grief device and found instead a four-prim bed with twelve sets of sheets and twelve wood textures, and a built-in sleep pose, and for less than $200. We each bought one.

Kal is a great friend. He’s a very nice man, and a handsome one.


Photo 1: New citizen Kal and new citizen Chey dancing.

Photo 2: Kal and Chey in Pele. Chey, remember to turn your bling off before taking snapshots!

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