Sunday, December 24, 2006

M&M: Melissa & Mordecai

Written 14 December, 2006

M & M: Melissa & Mordecai


Melissa Yeuxdoux is one of my great friends in Second Life. I met her at the Ahern welcome area. I arrived there determined to pass on the kindnesses bestowed on me by Bill and Pam Havercamp. I offered to take her and other new citizens shopping—my treat.

Melissa has written most charmingly about that experience in her blog. (, Sunday 29 October).

It was M.’s blog post, by the way, that led to me being in this blogspace. It’s my first weblogging experience, and I’m still learning the features of the software. I’m sure you can tell that I’m fumble-fingered with my layouts.

Melissa is a beauty with pale skin, the greenest eyes, and long red hair. I’ve watched her as she has refined her look and wardrobe, growing from beautiful and classy to even more beautiful and classy. The last time we talked, she told me she had become intrigued with the sexy walk scripts.

Unlike many SL women, Melissa is a lady. She dresses elegantly but modestly and behaves with decorum. I’ve never seen her in the skimpy outfits so many female avs seem so fond of. Her tastes—in clothing, in music, all the way ‘round—are impeccable.

In her first life, Melissa is a musician and a Unix and Linux geek (great combination, what?) and her technical knowledge has helped this poor girl more times than you can imagine. “To set up a blog, Chey, you just...” “Considering your opinion of Bill Gates, have you considered making a bootable Linux disk?” “I think it works this way...” “That outfit makes your butt look big.” No, sorry, that last one was from Pam Havercamp.

Melissa has a knowledge base of trivia bits that surpasses mine, and a rapier wit. She’s a repository of useless and not-so-useless information. Her knowledge of music is encyclopedic.

M. is a great friend. She and I do a lot of things together, although usually for only brief times, as her RL intrudes (and we all know about that). We’re both fans of the live streaming music here in Second Life, and we’ve been to many concerts together. I introduced her to Bill and Pam Havercamp’s sets, and she has introduced me in turn to other musicians. We’ve teleported each other to our favorite shopping sites (usually, she’s showing me) and to our favorite scenic spots. We hang out together when she’s online and not with her honey Mordecai.

Mordecai Scaggs

One day (I don’t remember the date, but I’d been in SL for less than two weeks, and Melissa, I believe, for less time than that), Melissa gave me a teleport assist. I materialized in a beautiful rose garden. Unfortunately, I materialized inside a prim (or so it seemed) and it took me an embarrassing couple of minutes to extricate myself.

Melissa introduced me to her man, Mordecai Scaggs.

Mordecai is a handsome Englishman with long blonde dreadlocks and a gentle, sensitive soul. He is ever bit a gentleman, a romantic man, and it was as easy to see why Melissa had fallen for Mordecai as Mordecai had fallen for Melissa. They are very much an item in SL.

Mordecai is a builder. His most recent endeavor is a concert hall for the arts. I’ve not seen it yet, but I’ve seen his work, and I’m sure it’s beautiful. But what really impresses me about him is his commitment to social causes.

Mordecai has become an advocate of environmentally-friendly energy sources, as evidenced by his involvement with Clean Energy, Now! In second Life. His beautiful teahouse (I’ve linked to his blog, or search Yeuxdoux) is in sight of a windmill—and Mordecai uses only non-treated lumber for his prims.

Mordecai’s latest adventure is building a giant chain that leads up from the ground and goes to—who know? He is aided in his building by his quaint airship Muse.

Mordecai and Melissa are great friends, and I love it that their romance is blossoming.


Photo: M&M at Chey's first Place in Lion Sands


Mordecai Scaggs said...

Dear Cheyenne, thank you for your wonderful descriptions - Meliss is everything you say and a whole lot more besides. And you have been very kind about me! We owe you a big debt of gratitude too, for your support of us both when fl/sl clashed for me a while back. You are to both of us a very dear friend. Merry Christmas!

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Oops. I'd better not forward you that snapshot of me in Apollo wearing that green silk, then... :)

Seriously, thank you; I'm flattered, and you described Mordecai beautifully. It's an honor to be able to count you as a friend.