Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Mother Ship Guy Affair

Written 12 December, 2006

My Volcano

IX. The Mother Ship

I didn’t meet the Mother Ship Guy, but I did get to meet his house.

When I logged on one evening and teleported to the volcano, a huge house was hanging over the volcano.

And over Artik’s land.

And over Dodgeguy’s land.

Dodgeguy is my neighbor to the east. At the time he had a modest and nicely furnished cottage near the water. Now he and his partner Damian have pooled land and put up a huge log cabin. At the time, however, Dodge was still in his cottage.

“WTF is that?” I IMed Dodge.

“Yeah, the new guy showed up and put it there,” he said. “I got rid of the parts on my property. It’s a McMansion, isn’t it?”

“It looks like the mother ship,” I wrote.

It did, too. It was a 4096 house on a 2048 lot.

The Mother Ship Guy was offline, so I sent him an IM asking him to move the house. Some hours later I began to systematically delete the portions of the house (it was unlinked) that hung over my property.

I soon learned I should have returned it rather than deleting it.

“I think I killed mother ship guy’s house,” I IMed Dodgeguy.

I was certain I had permanently wiped out a good half of MSG's clearly expensive house, but I now think—hope—it was returned to him, just as if I had selected return.

“Sorry,” I IMed MSG. “I deleted your house, or at least the part above my property. I didn’t realize I should have returned it instead. If I’ve killed your house, I’ll make it right. I’ll talk to the guy who sold it to you."

Four days later I got what I soon came to realize was the classic MSG reply. “What?”

What was left of the house hung there for more than a week before MSG removed it.


Photo Wanted: Sadly, Chey has no photos of the mother ship.

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