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My Wonderful House

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My Volcano

VI. My Wonderful House, Part I

The next time I saw Aaron, we sat in the living room of his (and Xubi’s) beautiful house and talked terms. He was in human form. He named a price. I was shocked.

Not shocked that it was expensive. No, shocked it would be so inexpensive. Aaron’s offer was 500 Linden, half up front and half due at completion of the house. I didn’t even quibble.

The house, which began to materialize 50 meters in the air above a hillside, quickly began to take form. Exuberance said she had some ideas for a Japanese-influenced roof. “Sounds good,” I said.

Building continued for more than a week. I spent a lot of time hanging in the air, watching, and my friends came to watch, too.

It soon became clear that even though my contract was with Aaron, Exuberance was the principal builder. The last time I saw Aaron working on it, he was building a staircase.

Wincing at the remembrance of the prim counts of stairways I had seen at Home Expo, I suggested a stairway wasn’t needed. Aaron kept building. It was Exuberance, I think, who finally made it go away.

The house was nearing completion when Aaron suddenly announced he and Xubi were losing their rented land. Within minutes, my house was gone, packed away in Xubi’s inventory. Aaron and Xubi’s beautiful house disappeared shortly afterward.


Photo: Chey’s house begins to takes shape.

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