Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dodgeguy and Damian

Written 27 December, 2006

Dodgeguy and Damian

At about the same time I bought my property in Forsaken, a home went up across the river from East Beach (of course, it wasn’t East Beach then, as it was someone else’s property).

It was a small house on a smallish lot, but the house was nicely decorated and the grounds were beautiful.

I introduced myself to the owner, a young man named Dodgeguy Woodward. He showed me his house, which was equipped with a great dance floor, and I told him my plans for the not-yet-named Pele. We’ve been friends ever since.

Before long, Dodge had hooked up with Damian Marseille, who bought the 4096 square meter lot next door. Dodgeguy’s house disappeared, to be replaced with a beautiful, co-owned log cabin that spanned both lots.

Before long, D&D had acquired additional lots, including one which they use exclusively for building. I’ve jokingly accused them of being land barons.

The two guys are really fast learners in SL. Dodgeguy is a builder (and a good one!) and Damian is (as he calls himself) a texture whore. Damian’s remark caused my good friend Exuberance (who is herself an aficionado of textures, mostly of glass) to ROFL.

At the time, we were standing in the guys’ new store, where Dodgeguy’s wares are for sale. These include beautiful sofas and chairs (Dodge, a generous man, gave me one of each when he first built them), a computer table with a glass top, a dining table and chairs, and a charcoal grill—the sort you see in parks, on a stand. I promptly bought one for East Beach. Great store; I recommend it. It’s at Gilum 141, 238, 50.

Dodgeguy doesn’t build only small things. He has hung a nightclub high over his and Damian’s land in Forsaken. He’s even given me a key to the executive suite. (I always seem to be busy when he has parties, but I hope to remedy that soon). And he now tinkers with script. When I complained that my free white marble fireplace (check your library; if you’re in SL, you have one, too) made no sound, he gave me a tiny wooden ball to hide in the flames. Now the fire crackles as it blazes, which makes for pleasant nights on the rug on the floor with my sweetie.

I’ve not spent as much time with Damian as I have with Dodgeguy, but I hope to remedy that. For now, I have several DG stories to share.


Photo 1: Damian

Photo 2: Dodgeguy

Photo 3: D&D’s house

Photo 4: The lagoon

Photo 5: A touch of class: Sunken boats in the lagoon

Photo 6: No class at all: Chey has stuck an old tire in the river at Pele. She did, however, in the interest of the environment, remove the dead helicopter from the waters, as after four days, the tail rotor was still turning, posing a hazard to the endangered tropical fauna.

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