Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Broken Grid

Written 6 December, 2006

Broken Grid

All is now well in SLland.


I noticed my neighbor Dodgeguy correcting his typos that way. I’ve taken to doing so, too.

All is not well in SLland.

I’m very angry about Word.

Yes, I know this is off topic.

Why TF must Word be installed with every goddamned stupid you-don’t-know-wtf-you-are-doing-so-we’ll-take control-of-your-lumpen-proletariat-life feature activated so the program overrides what you write? Why? God in heaven, why? Why, Microsoft, must you always change SLifers to Slifers? Why? Why, why, why?

It’s no wonder that since Windows 95 I’ve renamed “My Computer” to curse the name of Bill Gates.

Windows 95: I hate Bill Gates

Windows 98: I really hate Bill Gates

Windows 2000: I really fucking hate Bill Gates

Windows XP (Laptop): Bill Gates sucks

Windows XP (Athlon Desktop): Bite me Bill

Windows XP (My new Sony VAIO dual-core PC): Not yet assigned

I’m taking suggestions. I would like a “My Computer” name strong enough to reflect my outrage.


Photo: UN Proposes Sanctions Against Microcoft Corporation for its Refusal to Stop its Uranium Separation Program.


Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

Have you considered trying a Linux Live CD? That in combination with a USB flash drive with the latest Linux SL client package unarchived on it might give you a view of computing outside the reach of the Evil Empire, and someday you might consider setting up for dual boot.

I can't think of words sufficiently vile for those who run Microsoft; wish I could be of help there...or maybe I should be glad I can't.

Anonymous said...

Get a Mac.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I have a Mac. A G4. And I have another Mac. A G3. And I have, come to think of it, my old Mac Plus, stuffed in its carry sack, under my bed. So that makes three.

But I remember Beta. I went Beta. VHS was a consideraly inferior product. But where is Beta?