Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hanging Out at the Caldera

Written 11 December, 2006

My Volcano

III. Hanging Out at the Caldera

My first week or so my time at the volcano was heavenly. I built a platform (my first prim construction!) overlooking the lava and put a rail around three sides to stop myself and visitors from tumbling down the mountainside. I even placed a new purchase, a Wurlitzer jukebox, which allowed me to tune to any of about 100 streaming radio stations. I textured the slab to look like marble, and it looked fine indeed, stuck out a bench and a sunbathing towel.

I found a big skybox which used only 19 prims and cost only, if I remember correctly, $200L. I bought it, rezzed it on top of the crater, and, by changing the z variable in Position, stuck it high in the sky, at 700 meters.

There was a problem. I couldn’t make my avatar fly higher than 200 meters. I told my friends I needed to find a flight enhancer, and one was kind enough to give me a jetpack.

The jetpack was fast—so fast I tended to zoom past or bang into objects. Its settings could be adjusted; I could have made its top speed slower and reduced its acceleration, which would have made it more manageable, but I couldn’t be bothered. I zoomed to 700 meters, and there was my skybox, floating serenely in mid-air.

Getting inside was difficult, since the jetpack was so responsive it was hard to maneuver, but I finally managed, lining up with and flying through one of the invisible doors before it had time to close.

It would be a pretty good place to have a party, I told myself, as I made a landmark.

Being by now an old hand at building platforms, I made a 10x10m deck with a single prim, and then hollowed a second prim and cut a quarter of it away, making a railing. With some fiddling, I was able to position the deck so it abutted one of the doors and lowered the railing into position. I looked through my tiny library of textures and found a nice wood texture. Now I had a landing platform.

Next, I helped my friend Chrissy Broadway place her skybox 50 meters below mine. I had told her she could live on the property rent-free. More on Chrissy later.

I was happy as a clam.


Photo 1: Chey on her platform, with particle lights in caldera. Photo by Melissa Yeuxdoux

Photo 2: The clover shape was a big selling point for Chrissy

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