Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I Buy Out the Mother Ship Guy

Written 12 December, 2006

My Volcano

I Buy Out the Mother Ship Guy

Last Friday I could take it no longer.

I IMed the offline Mr. “What?” Mother Ship Guy and told him I had a business proposition for him.

He checked in on Saturday afternoon. “What?” he IMed.

I offered to sublet his property. When he learned money was involved, he was all for it.

Thirty minutes later, MSG, Carcinia, and I were standing on his property, which had been turned into mountainside before it was rented to him. In Chat, I told Carcinia MSG and I had struck a deal and I would like to buy or at least rent the property.

Carcinia suggested via IM I wait until the 20th, when MSG’s rent would be due. “That way it won’t cost you any money,” she said. “He’ll give it up. He’s done nothing with the land.”

I thought about what she was saying, but decided (especially considering my previous history with Dreamland) a bird in the hand beat two in the bush. So I paid Carcinia the $1400 MSG owed for rental and made a side deal with him ($2000, for those who are curious). Carcinia acted as middleperson, holding the monies until MSG had relinquished his claim to the land. Then I sent her $19999, and the land was mine.

By noon on Sunday, the land was in my name, and I promptly joined it to my existing acreage (well, to be quite accurate, hectarage, since the land is measured in meters).

Ah, empire!


Photo: The west of the island, after terraforming by Patrice and Chey.

Correction: The west side of the island, after being accidentally reverted and re-terraformed by Chey.

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