Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Holidays

Written 27 December, 2006

The Holidays

Cheyenne’s human had four blissful days at home for her Christmas holiday. Guess where she spent most of her time?

Hint: She wasn’t visiting relatives.

Winter is a cozy time to be at home. With the mercury falling outside, we are snug and warm in our houses. There’s so much we can do. We can cook, read, take a hot bath, watch television or play spades with family members, and use the telephone to catch up with our friends.

But for Cheyenne, the cathode ray tube (no flat screens for this grrl, response times too slow) beckoned. She spent her Christmas holidays on Pele, with quick trips to the mainland to shop.

Pele is beginning to shape up. The property has several distinct areas, about which I will soon be writing. The island and the volcano are lovely, even if the Dreamland authorities did make a unilateral decision to cover the lovely sand with four inches of snow. That doesn’t make one hell of a lot of sense in the tropics, but—well, read the covenant. They can do whatever they want.

Chey spent the bulk of her time with her new love.

Yes, Cheyenne has taken a lover. Or perhaps the lover has taken her. Or they have taken one another.

Chey, who was never really on the market, now isn’t! For sure!


Photo: Snow at Pele

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