Sunday, December 24, 2006


Written 11 December, 2006

Exuberance Lafleur

I met my friend Exuberance (Xubi) while flying around Dreamland Asia. I introduced myself and she was gracious to a newbie and a stranger.

I contracted with Xubi’s partner Aaron to build a house for my new property, but Xubi soon took over the project, as the shared permissions of the items they were creating were making things difficult for them to work together, and as Aaron had a dozen new endeavors underway.

Xubi build a fabulous house which is now sitting cater-cornered on Pele, with ocean views of the westering sun. It blends Island and Asian themes, for instance kanji and shoji screens and cocoa mats and tropical woods in a harmonious, elegant manner.

Somewhere along the line Xubi became my friend as well as my builder. I took her to a Bill and Pam concert, we went shopping together, we hung out at Pele together. I love spending time with her. She’s funny, smart, and fiercely independent, a woman who fits in perfectly at Pele, as she once lived very near Mount St. Helens.

Xubi is a natural builder. It’s more than just skill at manipulating primitives and textures and dabbling in script writing, it’s the thematic elements that dance in her head. The house she built for me is not a replica of an upscale condo in Atlanta, nor an all-glass pomo monstrosity, nor a tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright or a Medieval castle. It’s a Xubi Special. I’ve learned a lot from her, and I hope to enjoy her friendship for a very long time.

Xubi rocks! I’m so glad we met!


Photo 1: Xubi and Chey with kanji friendship necklaces.

Photo 2: Xubi Special in position in Pele-- No, wait! That's my house in RL

Photo 3: Moon over Pele, house in Foreground

Photo 4: Detail: Window with Kanji decoration

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