Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Welcome to Dreamland

Written 11 December, 2006

My Volcano

II. Welcome to Dreamland

After I made the purchase (L$19,999, about $75 US; I had to transfer in money via Paypal), I IMed Dreamland. Carcinia Polano teleported to the property and provided me with a marker that sent my browser to the Dreamland site, where I set up tier fees ($24 U.S., monthly). Think of tier fees as property taxes—but wait! I pay property taxes on my first-life house only once a year! What’s with this monthly hit?

I took a look at the covenant. No skyboxes under 250 meters. Okay. No clubs or commercial enterprises. Okay. No eyesores. Okay. Whatever Dreamland says is an eyesore is an eyesore, no appeal.


I started to get an uneasy feeling. What if I wanted to fill the beach with cars stuck up on blocks?

The covenant said the basic nature of the land could not be changed. I wasn’t sure just what that meant. Did it mean I couldn’t flatten the land, doing away with the volcano (not that I would want to), or that I couldn’t modify it in any way? I knew I wouldn’t be happy if I couldn’t build in an erupt mode? /erupt on /erupt off /doomsday on /doomsday off.

Attempting to get answers to questions from Dreamland was more than difficult; this was possibly due to language difficulties, as the Dreamland employees are in China. I was told I would need to get permission to terraform the land. I IMed the terraformer. Several times. No reply. I sent a notecard, with specifics of my planned changes, to two Dreamland personnel: Carcinia and Thomas the terraformer. No reply.

That’s why I was interested when Carcinia showed up on the beach bum’s property. I got to see just what a violation of the covenant entailed.

And I was learning about that-- until McCall interfered, of course.

When it became clear Knight whomever was going to lose his property (he had never even set up tier fees, so it was technically a seizure because of failure to pay taxes), I IMed Carcinia and had a discussion with her and another Dreamland agent about getting first rights to the forfeited property.

Dreamland would contact me shortly, they said. I waited anxiously all weekend, but it didn’t happen. On Monday, I checked the land, and the property had been rented to someone named -- no, I won't name him. I IMed Carcinia.

You didn’t get back in touch with us, she said. “It’s too late. The land has been rented.”

Welcome to Dreamland.


Photo: Dreamland world headquarters

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