Saturday, December 30, 2006

High Flight

Written 29 December, 2006

High Flight

When I told my sweet honey about Mordecai’s chain, she had to see it.

She was impressed. Majorly.

We discovered the chain now extended to 700 meters. One thing led to another, and before long we were racing towards the heavens in an attempt to see how high we could go.

I have a Tes Valentine flight ring that was given to me by an acquaintance whose name I unfortunately don’t remember—a shame, for it was a great favor. It lets me fly high, but isn’t as zippy as the jetpack.

I know, I know, the flight parameters of the jetpack are programmable, but who has time to learn them?

The flight ring, once donned, just works.

Alas, it’s nontransferable, so I couldn’t give it to my sweetie, who was unable to fly above 200 meters. I was planning to track down the ring, but while perusing SLExchange (, I found a device called a Mystitool and bought her one for Christmas.

Thanks to her Christmas present, she could now fly with me. And now we each had a second flight aid, thanks to my New Land neighbor, Kraaavdra Zeevi, who bought the lot just uphill from me (he plans to open an office there to sell first life real estate). He gave me two, and when we hit chainland, I presented the spare to Sweetie.

KZ thinks his first name is aardvark spelled backwards, but I have news for him. Still, I think I'll call him earth pig. Or Ant bear. That's cuter.

KZ's flight aid script is, unfortunately, packaged as attachable ram horns. A shame, that, for it’s a zippy thing that will jump you upwards 500 meters every time you hit page up.

Sweetie, with her Mac, wasn’t able to access the zip upwards feature, but, using the horns, was able to zoom upwards at a pace that matched my flight ring

The horns clashed with my outfit, so I refused to wear them. They didn’t match hers either, but she’s far less vain than I am.

It was difficult for me, because in order to ascend, I had to keep the E key pressed. Sweetie was free to type in chat as we ascended. Her running chatter would prompt me to release E and type a brief comment, which would make me fall behind. Also, I couldn’t help making comments about her outfit, which, while gorgeous, made her look like Glenda the Good Witch.

“Do you know your outfit emits little puffs of smoke as you ascend?”

Fortunately, she waited for me at landmark levels.

10,000 meters. 25,000 meters. 40,000 meters.

We knocked off at 50,000 meters, still above Mordecai’s land. We were forced to stop, for I realized Sweetie’s increasing giddiness was due to hypoxia. There’s little computer-simulated oxygen at those altitudes.

Before long I had her back at the House of 1000 Pleasures, on a pose ball-filled rug.


Photo 1: Chey and Sweetie at 30,000 meters

Photo 2: Sweetie in puff mode

Photo 3: Chey realizes Sweetie’s dress is closed at the bottom

P.S. Yes, we now know you can go hundreds of thousands of meters high

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