Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Chey Shapes the Beaches

Written 12 December, 2006

My Volcano

XII. Chey Shapes the Beaches

Patrice didn’t say much when she came back, but if I were her I would have been pissed.

“You did what?” I would have roared. Instead, she took a look inside the crater and seemed satisfied, even though the swimming hole had shrunk considerably.

I’m sorry I was terraforming behind your back,” I told her later. “I couldn’t restrain myself.”

“Don’t worry, hon,” she replied. “Clients do it all the time.”

I was happy to learn it wasn’t just me.

New Beaches

I hired Patrice to make beaches on the newly-acquired east side of the island and lower the riverbed.

But she had to leave again, and I couldn’t restrain myself.

I used the Lower, Flatten, and Smooth terraforming tools to turn part of the mountainside into beach and to lower the river bottom. It took a good ninety minutes, but when I was done, there was a nice flat beach and the river was deep enough to swim in.

The job was pretty well done by the time Patrice got back. I would have been seriously pissed, but if she was she didn’t show it.

She left my work alone, which I guess meant that she thought I had done an okay job.

I paid her the agreed upon amount, of course.

I’m glad she’s still my friend.


Photo: Beaches

Photo: A shark and an octopus await those swimming in the river.

Correction: Shark and octopus were lost when items were returned to owner (me), before I could get a snapshot. There's a $100L reward for their safe return.

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