Saturday, July 19, 2008

Museum of Robots Competition Winner

Written 19 July, 2008

Museum of Robots Competition Winner

Today the Museum of Robots on the Kubrick sim announced the winners of it's build-a-robot competiion. Prizes were awarded in three categories: avatar robots, stand-a-lone robots, and homage robots (robots which pay tribute to famous robots of movies and television). There were five winners in each category and two winners of peoples' choice awards. $43,000L in prizes is to be awarded.

I was one of the winners in the homage category for my build Rosie's in Trouble.

Thanks to Michel Runningbear, and of course Sweetie for going to the award show with me and providing moral support.

Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said...

WhohoooooOOOO!!!!!!! Congrats Chey! Rosie is great :)