Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Colors

Written 3 November, 2009

Fall Colors

On Saturday, when the mail came, there was a box. Inside was my new used Canon Digital Rebel SLR I had purchased on eBay. I topped off the battery, inserted a memory card (both were included), made sure the image quality was set to high, and Sweetie and I took off to take pictures.

We drove to the New Jersey Botanical Gardens, which are a short six mile drive from Sweetie's Fortress of Solitude in New York. Despite the full fall colors, traffic was light, and we were free to stop the car wherever we wished to take photographs.

Alas, Sweetie's camera's rechargable battery promptly gave out (when we got home I ordered a spare for her on eBay).

That's Sweetie for you; her katanas are perpetually sharp, but she forgets to recharge her camera's battery.

My new camera performed beautifully. Here are some of the 125 or so photos I took. The images are unaltered except for cropping the rear-view mirror which wound up in a couple of the shots.

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