Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yes, It's For Sale

Written 19 May, 2007

Yes, It's For Sale

Yes, beautiful Pele is for sale.

So very much work has gone into the place, I'd love to sell it as is to some lucky person.

I'll work with the buyer to make sure everything works-- and all my nontransferrables will say on the land, so long as autoreturn isn't turned on. The only thing I'll be taking will be the House of 1000 Pleasures at 350 meters.

Some lucky avatar(s) will be able to have his or her or their own fiefdom, a wonderful paradise.

Or not. If it doesn't sell as a whole, the parcels will eventually be on the market.


Why am I selling? Simply because I have a chance to get half a sim (3k more than I have) for some $80 US less per month.

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