Wednesday, May 23, 2007

XII. Sweetie's Closing Remarks

Written 22 May, 2007

The United States of America Vs. Sweetie

XII. Sweetie’s Closing Remarks

Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I stand here before you, accused.

Accused of what?

Accused basically of not wearing shoes.

Accused of making a scanning machine beautiful.

Accused of being skeptical of a cynical attempt by the office of an illegally-seated President to use the insecurities of Americans to strip them of their civil liberties.

Accused of scorn for Teleport Tom.

Accused of not supporting that President’s insane foreign policies.

Accusing of not conforming!. Of having my own sensibilities! Of having fun in my Second Life!

Well, you know what? I’m guilty of all those things. Every one of them! So find me guilty if you must. Send me to the federal pen. But I guarantee you, if you do, I’ll make it the most beautiful penitentiary in the world, all arches and grace! And I’ll pump myself up on the exercise machines there so I can be a better nonconformist if and when I ever get out.

But why not send a clear message to the administration that you aren’t fooled by all this Patriot Act and invasion of Iraq nonsense. Find me not-guilty so I can do what I do best.


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