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The Case of the Multiplying Prims

This Little Box Works Wonders

This Giant Palm Has Been Rezzing Reliably since December
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Now You See It

Now You Don't

Written 30 April, 2007

The Case of the Multiplying Prims

Shortly after I bought Pele I found myself in a sex shop. There were penises and vaginas for sale.

Last time I looked, I had a vagina. And I most assuredly didn’t want or need a penis.

I wasn’t there for sex bits at all, in fact. I had gone to check out something called a one-prim rezzer. Getting to see all the body parts was a bonus.

A one-prim rezzer consists of a box with a script inside. It creates an object (or group of objects) that don’t contribute toward the prim count of the land.

How can this be, you ask?

On the Create menu is a tic box that will set an object to temporary. Try it. But be sure you’re not temping a noncopyable object, because in 90 seconds or so it will be gone, deleted by Second Life in a routine cleanup.

Temp objects make practical such things as guns (or, rather, the bullets they shoot), and the coconut-throwing monkeys Leaf Shermer was so kind as to give me. Temporary prims lie about for a few seconds then disappear, leaving the land uncluttered.

Rezzers take advantage of this by throwing up temporary objects of your choice in the location of your choice and immediately replacing them when they are reclaimed. In this way, it’s possible to stick objects (or groups of objects) on your land without eating up precious prims.

All you have to do is to rez an ordinary object, rename it so you’ll know it’s rezzed, make it temporary, and take it back into inventory before it disappears. Then you drag it into a box containing the DAPSI that’s the rezzer I bought, no idea what the acronym is), then move and restart the box until your objects is where you want it. Then you make the box invisible and presto! There’s your house, or stairwell, or grove of trees. It may flicker a bit on occasion, but for the most part it’s just there, taking up only one prim and looking just fine.

The version of the DAPCI I bought worked, but the entire sim slowed to a crawl. The creator came right out when I IMed, him, though, and gave me his new version, which was sim-friendly. He helped me stick the palm tree back up, and all was good.

That was in December. That palm is still there, temp rezzing.

Last week I wanted to temp rez some beautiful but high-prim copyable tropical plants, and pulled out the DAPCI. I made four rezzed copies and placed them, and all was good.

Or so I thought.

When I logged onto SL the next morning, I was deluged with a flurry of messages telling me there were no free prims on my land.

How could there be? There were over a thousand available. Weren’t there?

Weren’t there?

I flew from parcel to parcel, checking the land to see if there were unaccounted prims anywhere, or if there were prims from someone I didn’t know.

There weren’t.

I made the rounds a second time, and then a third. No dice.


Eventually it dawned on me that the last thing I had done was to play with the rezzer. So I flew myself to the nearest huge tropical and deleted it.

And it was still there. So I deleted it.

And it was still there.

That’s when I knew the pooch was, to use the vernacular, screwed.

It seems I had forgotten to turn the giant tropicals temporary before putting them in the rezzers.

So for the past twelve or so hours, the DAPCI boxes had been faithfully rezzing giant tropical plants with 12 prims each, one per minute, sticking them on top of each other.

I gave the DAPCIs the command to show themselves and turn themselves off and proceeded to delete giant tropicals. There were dozens, stacked atop one another.

After a half hour or so, they were all gone and I had 1200 free prims on the land.

I made new DAPCI. boxes, stuck in temporary copies of the tropical, and restarted the boxes and all was well.

Cheyenne Palisades, prim detective.

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Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

This is so cool! I had never heard of that! :-))

Oh my, you had to delete 1200 trees?