Thursday, May 3, 2007

Community of Friends

Written 30 May, 2007

Community of Friends

I’m happy to say that more than half of the houses at Pele are rented.

Aldo Zond has taken the biggest tiki house, and Axel Piccard is renting one of the three smaller ones, a beautiful house that stands on stilts, partway in the ocean.

Melissa Yeudoux (I always worry about the spelling of her last name) has taken a little tiki hideaway that sits on the Forsaken River.

Boofhead Oh has rented a skybox. Actually, I sold him the skybox and rented him the space and prims. He has already customized it and it’s looking like the perfect artist’s loft.

Still to rent: two very nice tiki houses and one skybox. IM Cheyenne Palisades if you would like to look at them.

The good news is the renters are my good friends. It’s like we are now a family living in the same small town.

I love that.

If I could afford it I would just give them the space for free, but as my tier is now approaching $200 and as I civil servant I don’t make all that much money, I needed to find a way to reduce the monthly hit. I calculated the rental fees to cut the tier down to about $100. I’m more than halfway there

Thanks, my friends, for helping.

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