Tuesday, May 15, 2007

VI: Update from Linden Public Television

Written 14 May, 20007

The United States of America vs. Sweetie

VI. Update from Linden Public Television

This is Neelix Nesselrode for Linden Public Television.

And this is Sleezy Spinoza. You can see there’s quite a crowd here at the Linden District Court.

That’s right, Sleezy. The prosecutor is trying to impeach Cheyenne Palisades’ testimony by going after her alternate avatar, Dakota Burns.

And she’s doing a good job of it, Neelix.

That’s right, Sleezy. Things aren’t looking good for the defense. Dakota Burns’ story is looking pretty shaky.

What will happen next, Neelix?

We think Diva will continue to attack Ms. Burns’ character. But let me just say, Dakota is looking fabulous with a Gurl6 Suspicious hairdo in azure blue and an outfit from the perpetual $50L sale at PixelDolls.

So—the prosecutor hopes the jury won’t believe Dakota’s assertions that her relationship with Avatar Spock is platonic?

That’s right, Sleezy. And with Dakota’s credibility destroyed, Cheyenne’s assertion that she exclusively loves Sweetie will be called into question.

But how will that help the defense’s case?

I’m not sure it will—in fact, I don’t see at all how it can—but it’s clear Diva is jealous of Cheyenne. I think that’s why she’s doing it.

Yeah, Cheyenne is one hot avatar, and Diva is, well, I think she has facial skew set to 78%.


It’s a shame we lost Avatar Spock's testimony.

Yes. That sim rollback wiped that part of the record right out. It’s a shame, because Spock backed Dakota’s story all the way.

Hard to believe there are platonic relationships in Second Life isn’t it?

You betcha.

Well, that’s it from the Linden District Court. I’m Neelix Nesselrode.

And I’m Sleezy Spinoza. Good night.

Is the camera off?

Yes, I think so.

Want to go up to the Dragon Skybar and try that Devotion pose?

You betcha.

We’re what? Still rolling?

Goodnight again.

Cut that damn thing off!

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