Friday, May 25, 2007

Slutting Around

Written 24 May, 2007

Slutting Around

For a while now, Sweetie has been threatening to buy new skin and hair and revamp her look.

I love my Sweetie’s look, but after all she’s been through—the trial and all—who could blame her?

I knew she was close to breaking loose, for ever time I’ve seen her lately, she’s been wearing different eyes—and twice she’s had no eyes at all, which is discomfiting—although the first time it happened I thought she was just wearing a lot of kohl. But no, no eyes, just black sockets.

First shoes, now eyeballs. That’s my Sweetie!

Last night started out innocently enough. We decided to do a little shopping. We went to a mall, bought a couple of outfits, and then I took Sweetie to Gurl6.

Gurl6 has about a million hairstyles, and is way slow to rez, even for those with good video card. Sweetie has been there—in fact, her everyday hairstyle comes from Gurl6—but this was the first time she was really able to see the place. She immediately began collecting sample hairdos in order to winnow down the huge selection.

I’ve been to Gurl6 many times, but this was the first time we actually got asked if we wanted assistance. A very nice saleslady whose name I don’t remember did her best to help us. I actually bought the stylish updo she was wearing, (Sweetie has been looking for a swept-back style, but this one didn’t suit her), and a long style called Rain. Sweetie bought a short hairdo in an assortment of Dakota-like colors, and a beautiful long hairdo with exquisite multi-colored texturing.

Earlier, at the mall, Sweetie had talked me into buy an open-front skirt-and-stocking outfit way risqué for Cheyenne. After Gurl6, she twisted my arm until I put it on (all right, all right, it didn’t take much arm-twisting), and she pull an equally outrageous outfit from her inventory. We put on smutty pumps, attached our new hair, and went to Caledoa to shock Mordecai and Kacy.

We missed Mordecai by seconds, but Kacy was there, resplendent in a formal. It took us about thirty seconds to convince her to tart herself up. Then, our mission accomplished, Sweetie and I went clubbing.

I’ve not been night-clubbing since my before-Sweetie days, and just about every jump from the Clubs folder in my Landmarks took me to a vacant field, a private home, a busy highway, or the bottom of a river.

But Sweetie had meanwhile been busy, IMing her friend and former building client, G.P., who has about a billion poseballs and knows every sleazy club in Second Life (both admirable traits, by the way, she took us around to clubs he had landmarked for her.

The first club was peopled (avatared?) by Germans, most of whom were camping on dance pads, but we found a nice kiss and did some heavy making out.

Then she took us to some clothing-optional sumo joint, where every pose ball we tried caused us to perform cunnilingus or intercourse. Be sure to ask Sweetie about “Kitty Style.” My personal nonfavorite featured one female pose ball and a dozen male pose balls. Fukake or something. Please don’t ask me about it.

We got hit on by IM, but as we have eyes only for one another, we finished our tour of the pose balls and zipped back to the House of 1000 Pleasures to wind up a strange but pleasurable night.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have not paid too much for the new hair. Traditional hair prices will plummet as soon as the first "Scultpie" hairdos will appear. Better effect with less prims, thoguh not flexible at first.

- Peter Stindberg

Cheyenne Palisades said...

OMG. We paid millions! MILLIONS!

I would rather have my hair than the most stunning nonflexi sculptie do. But a year from now? I'll probaly own very little non-sculptie stuff.

Véronique Lalonde said...

Gurl6 Rain! My first ever prim hair, and one I still wear from time to time. Mine is the Midnight pack, and I especially like "Rebel" (red with black tips) and the one that's white with black tips. Great for certain outfits.

Since all my favourite hair is flexi, I'm not going to worry about any supposed plummeting of hair prices. Great hair from ETD and Kin is already a bargain. They're not going to give it away!. (BTW, if you haven't been to ETD in a while, and get in a more-hair mood, check it out.)