Saturday, May 12, 2007

Die Party

Written 12 May, 2007

Die Party

I have so much fun with my friends! And of course with Sweetie, when she's in a mood to tilt at dragons.

Whether it be with her, or with my Brother Mordecai and his, er, ward Kacy, or Aldo or Melissa or Milky or Stargazer, we always have an interesting-- and often hilarious time.

We can be serious-- the other day I was trying to figure out WTF the trampoline script that worked perfectly on my land wouldn't work on Mordecai's-- or more accurately, why only the owner could bounce.

Of course it's hard to be serious when you're constantly being thrown 170 meters into the air, but I somehow managed.

Sometimes, though, we just get silly.

We seem to increasingly be pulling out the Die animation those of us who have them, or bouncing on musical cows while wearing fruit hats.

Anyway, here are photos of:

  • A bunch of us dead while riding dancing cows

  • Stargazer Blazer's butterfly avatar in metamorphosis

  • Friends at the Pele rail main depot

  • New friend Viderian table dancing at the Dragon Skybar while Mordecai and I look on

  • Neat effect with purple lights at the Dragon

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