Thursday, May 31, 2007

Music at Pele

Drumming at the Beach

Drumming in the Rain
Jesse Prior Pulls Out an Instrument He Plays in Real Life
Written 31 May, 2007

Music at Pele

No, not live streaming music, and not internet radio, but music 'sure nuff.

Sweetie sprang for a set of Robbie Ding's elven drums and a gamelan, which is a sort of Indonesian string and percussion band. This set has only percussion instrument-- think a collection of exotic xylophones-- and they sound great with the drums. The drum set has gongs and a rain tube that can be played by anyone, even when they're sitting at a gamelan or a drum.

There are lots of gamelan instruments and lots of drums, so as many as a dozen people can play music at Pele now-- fourteen, maybe, as Sweetie has a didgeridoo and maracas.

We've put the ensemble on a giant prim rock of blue coral in the Pele Gardens, and have had several long sessions with friends. The sound is mezmerizing, and we tend to just space out as we play, jumping from instrument to instrument and changing patterns with the build-in controllers.

I've had Outy Banjo's rain maker for a while, and it finally decided to work. Now I (and maybe anyone) can type Rain On near the blue rock and there will be a pleasant shower. Last weekend a group of us played in the rain as the sun set over the ocean to our west.

Another great Second Life experience!

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