Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boof's Skybox

Written 13 May, 2007

Boof's Skybox

Boofhead Oh has modded his Kumikorp P512 skbox out the ying-yang. It's unrecognizable.

Boof has turned it from a low-prim economy home for a 512 lot to a grungy, funky artist's loft. The paint is faded and peeling, the wood is weathered, the nail heads are coming out of the planks, and he's extended the chaos to the 20 x 20 meter huge prim I gave him for a workspace.

I love the look and feel of Boof's skybox. It's a place where I would happily while away my days doing exactly what I wanted and not once stopping to sort inventory or put on shoes.

Tell me, don't you think Boof's home is a big improvement on the generic P512 hanging 50 meters below?

I do.

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