Thursday, May 31, 2007

One-Prim Dolphins

Written 31 May, 2007

One-Prim Dolphins

Sweetie IMd me night-before-last, all excited. She had a surprise for me. She sent me a teleport assist.

I arrived on a tiny island with a vendor and a large gray capsule. It looked rather like a 10-foot all-metal Contac capsule. But the capsule soon resolved into a flawless silver-colored dolphin.

Sweetie bought a six-pack for Pele, and now we have a pack-- school? pod? dollop? of dolphins jumping and swimming in the lagoon at our place.

I have a single swimmable dolphin-- well, actually, you just latch onto its dorsal fin with one hand-- that weighs in at about twenty prims. The entire school of sculpted dolphins weighs in at twelve prims-- and that's only because there has to be a prim for each dolphin which serves as an anchor as they swim in circles or jump.

The sculpties I've seen so far have a monochrome appearance. I'm sure that's because people haven't yet figured out how to overlay a texture so things match up. When they do, watch out!

Thanks, sweetie, for a fabulous present!

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