Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Inventory Leak

Leak in Water Tower

Chey's Scanties Drying on the Line at Pele

Written 2 April, 2007

Inventory Leak

I had a leak in inventory. What a mess!

Remember that rusty water tower? The one Joey Morrison, the Dreamland Eco-Angel, made me remove because it was unsightly?

Yes, that one.

Yes, it was unsightly, but it was perfectly unsightly, a masterpiece (if I may say so) of ugliness and decrepitude.

Remember how I said Sweetie, by not saying anything about the Pele Municipal Water Tower, was registering disapproval?

That wasn’t it at all. She just couldn’t see it. She sees mostly gray shapes in SL, poor thing!

Until this weekend—but more on that later!

Sweetie didn’t actually SEE the water tower until I had removed it and written about the trauma I experienced by having to remove my deliberately hideous builds from Pele. When she saw the snapshots of the water tower on my blog she raved in IM about how deliciously hideous it was. Made me feel all warm and tingly when I read her comments.

Said warm and tingly feeling persisted until I happened to be rummaging through inventory last night.

You remember that the water tower leaked, right?

Yep. I took it into inventory without remembering to apply another patch.

So for the past week or so, there has been a slow leak in my inventory.

The Lindens have made sure inventory is airtight, of course, so nothing you’ve paid for or built can slip away, so all that water just remained in there.

I didn’t notice it until practically my entire inventory was under water!

What a mess!

Most of my clothes are at the dry cleaners and the rest are drying on the sand in the Pele Gardens. I’m having to reupholster most of the furniture, and I’ve thrown away ever so much stuff.

Even the huge prims are waterlogged and distorted.

Fortunately, my shoes escaped the flood, all except the few pairs of flats I have, which were on the floor, but which I never wear anyway. Second Life is too short for ugly shoes!

I was miffed at Joey for a while, but soon got over it, for the fault is entirely mine. I mean, how foolish does one have to be to take a leaking water tower into inventory?

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