Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hot Water

A Good Girl to Not Have
Written 9 April, 2007

Hot Water

Dakota here.

Axel is in hot water.

I’ve not been around much the last week or so, but I came out of hiding when I got word that my ex-boyfriend Axel wanted to have a talk with me.

And so I rezzed and IMed him hello and he teleported me to some funky place or other where I guess he hangs out these days.

And we had “the talk.”

You know, the “how do we move forward from here” talk.

That one.

We chatted about how we knew we had dodged a bomb and how we could never slow dance again because one or the other of us or both of us might just lose it and jump on a poseball and that would make us explode or something.

And we talked about how if we ran into one another we would both be cool and congratulated one another on how mature we were and wished each other a fabulous second life and were just winding up.

The land had no restrictions on it, but my Mystitool didn’t seem to be working and I guess Axel’s wasn’t either because I turned my head and there was Axel’s current not-girlfriend.

You know, the one who gave Axel hell for hanging out with Cheyenne and Sweetie.

I don’t know how much she heard—not much, because she hadn’t been there the last time I looked—but I’m sure she heard enough. I thought her standing there and not saying one damn word spoke volumes about her character.

Or lack thereof.

Axel was standing with his back to her, so I IMed him to clue him in. “I think you’re in hot water,” I said.

If an avatar could have an “Oh, sh*t!” look on its face, Axel surely had one just then.

I was just about to say hello to current not-girlfriend when she jumped away.

A minute later Axel said, “I have to go,” and I knew he was getting deluged with angry IMs.

Axel thinks he sent her a teleport assist by mistake, but since she didn’t show up until we were more than ten minutes into our conversation, it’s highly unlikely. Rather, I think she has a way of finding out where he was and just jumped in to check on him.

Of course, it’s entirely possible he DID sent her a jump; not ten minutes later he sent her an IM he had meant for me and got into even more hot water.

She gave him hell most of the day. May still be reading him out, for all I know.

You know, when a guy could have not had me and ends up not having someone like her, it just serves him right.


Late Note, OMG!

Axel and I were both (separately) at the Bill and Pam Havercamp concert last night. I danced with a newbie gentleman and later struck up an acquaintance with a guy from Oz who turned out to be my age. Axel found a girl to dance with-- or she found him, I'm not sure. And guess who popped in?

That's right, Isis. And she wasn't happy. She left after a couple of minutes, then came back with a guy who had taken too many steroids and who loudly and publicly asked her to dance. And then she was gone again.

Soooo, high school.

I don't usually pontificate on Chey's blog-- it would be presumptuous-- but in this case I'm working on a piece about how people behave in Second Life.

Tata for now.

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