Thursday, April 5, 2007

Well, THAT Went Well!

Written 4 April, 2007

Well, THAT Went Well!

I managed to log onto SL a little early than usual today as Dakota.

Dakota rezzed in the Dragon Skybar in her Morgan Fairchild hairdo and best dress to find Milky Choche and Boyfriend sitting in front of the trivia machine. She took a seat and told Axel it wasn’t fair for her to be exiled from her own home. Then she told him she thought he should get his own place.

Let her tell it.

“His last words were soooo dramatic.

“‘Have a nice life, Dakota.’

“Implying I would never see him again in THIS second lifetime.

“And I’m sure he meant it.

“I don’t think he heard much of what I said.

“Oh, he heard the you need to leave part all right.

“But I don’t think he heard the ‘We care for you’ part or the ‘Please come see us’ or the ‘I’m sure Cheyenne will be happy to set up a place for you’ part.

“Being Dakota, it was all I could do when he teleported away not to say, “Well, THAT went well!”

“But I didn’t.

“I was much too sad.

“Milky asked me if I was always so ruthless.

“I said, ‘I enforce boundaries.’

“After I thought for a second, I said, ‘So I guess I AM ruthless.’

“I’m so sad.

“Now I’m all alone at the Dragon.

“It seems so empty.”


Nb; see Boyfriend's comment in the No Drama posting.


Axel said...

Axel here.

Imagine my surprise when Dakota showed up at the Skybar, having blond hair and dressed to the nines. She is very beautiful. I had a funny feeling I wasn’t going to like what she had to say. So after she humiliated me in front of Milky for the second time in less than a week, my “dramatic” exit should have been no surprise. After all, I do have some pride.

I left Pele with every intention of logging off SL forever. I came on SL to explore, meet people, and have fun. The past two weeks I have done very little of any of those things. It saddens me that my presence has caused so much grief. As I was emptying my inventory into the trash can, and deciding to give my SL bank account to Bill & Pam, I got an IM from Milky. She tried being nice, she tried being firm, she even tried shame to get me to change my mind. After she logged out, I IM’d my friend (date, in Chey’s words) from the concert the night before. She agreed to meet me at Soft Shadows later, when Bill & Pam played. I danced with her and we talked. And talked. And talked. After the concert we went to another club and finally I decided I would stay around a while longer. Bill & Pam’s windfall will have to wait. Thank heavens the deleted stuff stays in the trash can and can be restored. And thank you to Milky and my friend for listening. Your support has been tremendous.

If I have learned anything from this, I have learned that emotions can be strong in this world, and a ‘safe’ relationship can be anything but. I am able to separate fantasy from reality. I am not sure everyone can. In the future I will not flirt so much, and I will be careful about those sensuous slow dances.

In time, I may return to Pele if allowed. It is, was, my most favorite place in SL. In spite of all that has transpired, I still consider Chey/Dakota and Xubi to be my friends. I don’t think I did anything all that wrong.

And Dakota, even though it probably caused the start of all this, I still wouldn’t trade that night at the Jazz Club for anything in the world.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Axel, I'm SO glad Isis was there to talk you into staying on the grid! It will destroy you if you decide to drop off the grid.

I will of course have a talk with Milky. Yes, I owe you that and more.

I hope we can get past all this. I treasure you, even if the part of me that was Dakota did the hard thing.

Please thank Isis for me. She did a very good thing.