Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sweetie and I are Gold

3 April, 2007

Sweetie and I are Gold

Last night, my friend Peter pointed out I’ve not written much about Sweetie lately.

I haven’t.

And not because if the recent drama.

Sweetie and I are good. Sweetie and I are fine. Sweetie and I are gold.

I think of Sweetie all the time. I live for her logon and she for mine. It’s distressing for both of us when she’s on the road, where internet connections are weak or nonexistent.

We talk on the phone every day.

It’s because we are so good that I’ve not been posting about her.

Sometimes things are just private.


Anonymous said...

Yippppieh!!!!! I made it! I got mentioned on the blog! Yippiehhh!

- Peter Stindberg

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Peter, when I knew you a little better I'll do a whole blog about you.