Sunday, April 22, 2007

Boofhead Oh's Transmogrification

Cheyenne in the Blue Zone

Written 19 April, 2007-04-19

Boofhead Oh’s Transmogrification

My good friend Boofhead Oh is from King George’s OTHER penal colony. You know, Down Undah. Australia. That’s where they sent the paupers and petty criminals and misfits after Georgia got uppity and joined the rebellion and old George had to find a new and far-off place for the unwanted.

Sweetie and I and Axel Piccard found Boof one night at the Zen Gardens, bedazzled by the beauty of it all, and we all became friends.

I love Boof because he is (like me) a child at heart, enchanted and entranced by both the first and second worlds in all their splendors—and like me he is, I think, an Old Soul.

Week before last I was doing useful work, shooting myself out of a giant cannon and seeing where I landed (hey, it’s a chore, but somebody’s gotta do it!)

I and my friends had been predictably landing four sims over on a little island with an Airstream trailer (no bridge, so goddess knows how the Airstream got there; floated, I guess).

I teleported Boof to Pele that night, then shot myself off, and, finally, via IM, talked Boof into climbing into the breech.

But he didn’t land by the Airstream. Instead he mumbled something about male enlightenment and female enlightenment and being in the Blue Zone. He even sent me photographs.

He teleported me to him and I found myself not in a blue zone, but in Vampire’s Paradise. I tracked him, but could never quite see him; I guess when you’re in the Blue Zone, you’re invisible to mere mortals.

I did find a pavilion with a circle of meditation cushions that read, alternately, Male Enlightenment and Female Enlightenment, so I knew I was close. My Mystitool showed Boof to be mere meters away, but he was not in the mortal plane.

I sat on Female Enlightenment, and then on Male Enlightenment, but I just went into a meditation pose; no Blue Zone for me.

I have, of course, been in the Blue Zone before. It happens sometimes when I sit on a poseball. Suddenly I’m hanging in space (often sitting horizontally on the ball), and the world seems… receded. I had just never thought of it as a space of enlightenment.

Last night, as Boof and I danced the hot salsa at Soft Shadows and Bill and Pam Havercamp played the songs of our youth, he explained it all to me—how, just before I brought him to Pele, he had been reading about male enlightenment and female enlightenment and how they differ, and how he had been reading about posthumanism and then saw my blogpost on the same topic.

I slipped him a hit of acid and then the sim crashed.

But before it did, I asked him to write about that night. He did, and it follows.

Thank you, Boofhead, for being my friend, and for coming through so splendidly on your homework.

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i don't know why but have hard time finfing ur blog. this x it just popped up! lol it ha been so long that i can't remember if u sent mess. to me at have yahoo but to confusing as i am so familieer with thotmail and myspace (i'm disapointed with TOM of mypace since he sold out to that NASI Murdock the bushy/and bushy war supporter. not lol
do u think bushy will send me to Guantanamo, Cuba for bushy disrespect?