Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Boys Will be Boys

Written 25 April, 2007

Boys Will be Boys

Oh, yes they will!

Here's a photo of my friends Aldo Zond and Axel Piccard at an arm-wrestling table.

We had gone to Abranimations so I could buy some dances, and they straightaway disappeared. When I tracked them down I found them sweating and straining and red-faced in an arm-wrestling contest. Aldo seemed to be winning.

I thought I could clean Aldo's clock, but he beat me. He's thin, but darn, he's strong! I even jabbed him with a hatpin to disrupt his concentration, but to no avail.

In real life, one of my best friends' sons broke his arm last summer arm wrestling. It's a stupid and dangerous sport.

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