Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just Another Evening With Cheyenne

Here's Boofhead's note:

Just another evening with Cheyenne:

Driving from work a fortnight or so ago, i found myself contemplating (as one does) the differences between male and female conceptions of "enlightenment." These ideas may be found in the works of the philosopher Ken Wilbur - but don't worry - we will be getting to Chey real soon.

Im very new to SL and im constantly blown away by what i find - the previous day i had had my first encounter with Gor, and was horrified! But who to turn to for advice - well - obvious really - even you can guess. So, up comes the screen, click - second life loads, then : CHEY! CHEY ! What should we do about Gor


IM: Cheyenne Palisades: would you like to come for a little ride on my train!

Can you then imagine my immense relief, sitting behind such a pink frocked lovely, knowing the RIGHTNESS of such whimsy in the face of the awfulness that is Gor? Ahhh - my heart settled into the rhythmic chugging of pixels passing bye - how nice. Then the train broke down.

Ok - id put on a few extra pounds. Sure - the rubber band may have aged a little - but really! No Problem for Chey of course - she offered me a ride on her cannon instead, "climb on, ill follow,it will blast us 4 sims away into Buccaneers' Passage" i did as she said - but it didn't DO what she said. I landed at a place that was blue - just a blue screen - the co ordinates were 0,0,0 - there was nothing just blue, oh, and two balls. One was labelled 'male enlightenment" the other "female enlightenment"

OMG. Being new to SL - i had never seen such things before - OMG.

I clicked "male" and all that happened was some bling then looking up i could detect the surface - i was under water but unable to move (trapped in the universal solvent). I could still IM - frantic messages passed back and forth, between Chey and I, between the impossible world and our Second Life, while the synchronicity between these and my RL was twisting my head significantly. I had to log out to get back in and meet with Chey once more. We were in Vampire Cove - if i remember properly - my head was still sooo twisted you see, she showed me a spot - not too distant from some water, and there - some cushions - and some balls marked male and female enlightenment. i felt just a little deflated by that. We started to chat, i tried to be cool, like these things happen every day... then...

(im still a little befuddled you understand) But came awake when Chey presented me with 3 words:
Multiple Simultaneous Intelligences.

I asked her to repeat it - she did, and i wrote the words down - and was blasted into cognitive outer space once more! Shortly before joining SL, i had completed a cycle of reading that included "the holographic Universe" by Talbot and " The participatory Mind" by Skolimowski. These explanations for the phenomena of existence did not even come close to the meaning within those 3 words. Those 3 words summed up for me all the worlds of our creation - both SL AND RL - and included all the words of these two philosophers!

OMG - again.

At this point, being the gentleman that I am (any bloke reading this may gag here) and spying a slow dance ball (my favourite) - I asked Chey to dance. I was not my most talkative at this juncture (lol- rather interior in fact), but the dance took me... then Chey spoke again..

"I am not afraid of becoming post-human" she said


Beside my screen...i had picked it up when moving through my house, and placed it down beside my screen only seconds before logging on: a book -"How we became post human" by N. Katherine Hayles. OMG
Its been two weeks and yet only today have i been able to convey this experience to Chey. And guess what? She says that her comments - those three words, even her statement about being post human were not existential truisms mined from the heart of the living universe - but rather reflected her thinking about her Alt "Dakota"!

Ahhh - Just another evening with Cheyenne. I think ill take a little train ride. Lol.


hologram said...

like ur blogs, but where are u. tried to send message but can't find out how. I'm on MySpace and windows live as hologram and ihologram would invite u but don't know how.
i think address to MS is; or something like that.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I can be reached at I'll make sure that's in my info on the blog header.

Glad you lke the blogs.

I'll go now to the url you give and see if I can get a message to you.