Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Getting Tiny

Photos: Tiny Cheyenne (Bear), Sweetie (Ostrich) and Axel (Elephant),
My Brother Mordecai's Airship, From Which We Were Booted.
Bonus Photo: Chey in Aviatrix Mode

Written 7 April, 2007

Getting Tiny

Last night Sweetie and Axel and I got tiny.

Sweetie had suggested we explore Caledon. She’s been mightily impressed with Melissa Yeuxdoux’ fashionable Victorian clothing and Mordecai Scaggs’ courtly manner and steampunk trappings and is enamored besides, I think, of the impending war in Caledon. I’m sure she wants to ride in a balloon and wave her silks and watch the unfolding hostilities and swoon and fall back into the arms of a tall hussar leftenant.

Hmmm.... Maybe I should look into getting a hussar uniform.

I didn’t seem to have a landmark to Caledon proper, but have one to the entry point for my brother Mordecai’s recent zeppelin-warming, so I took us there.

I found a little shop at which I bought a neato aviatrix’ uniform, but before that, I found another that had a knee-high door that led to a tiny tea shop. There were bitsy tables and chairs and a weensy tea service.

I called Sweetie and Axel over and took the plunge, buying a tiny white teddy bear avatar for $250. $150 or so more bought it a floppy had and tweed outfit.

I put on the av one bit at a time so I could watch it work. I went through a most awkward phase, with long skinny legs and stumpy block-shaped body, but when everything was on, I was a little white bear with a waddling walk and a major attitude.

“Tiny power!” I cried to the towering Axel, and to Sweetie’s tiny ostrich, which was, in my tiny opinion, entirely too tall because of its long neck. “Death to the tyrants!” Then I touched my head to make me growl and waved my tiny fist in the air.

A few minutes later, while in a high dive from a tree platform, I happened to look up and saw the Prometheus, Mordecai’s magnificent zeppelin. I flew up and teleported in tiny Sweetie and tiny Axel, who had become a pint-sized elephant with a flexible trunk.

I recently figured out that if you drag a folder from inventory to your avatar, everything in that folder gets worn or attached. It takes maybe seven seconds.

Beware, though, for everything you’re wearing gets dumped in the process.

I recently made a Chey’s Attachments folder, in which I placed my skin, shape, hair, eyes, and copies of my HUD attachments—and, when I pulled it onto me and got naked real fast in front of friends and God and everyone, a change of clothing, a pair of shoes, and my favorite jewelry. It drastically reduced my getting-it-together time when I accidentally hit the Release Keys button or have one of those dreadful teleportation / sim crossing accidents in which your hair and shoes and HUDs get stuck up your bum.

So I put my tiny outfit in my tiny bear folder and moved the tiny bear folder to my Cheyenne folder and then copied my HUDs and placed them in the folder to. Then I dragged Chey’s Attachments onto me—and I was glamorous Cheyenne again. Then I dragged tiny bear onto me and I was again the tiny bear, complete with HUDs.

Meanwhile, Sweetie and Axel were struggling with changing back to their larger forms.

But back to the tiny story.

Even though Sweetie kept getting stuck in place (she is running 512 mb of RAM on her PC and there’s not quite enough memory to run SL properly (note to self: talk to Sweetie about disabling memory-using hooks into programs), we had a grand time exploring the airship, which has at least four levels. We even teleported in our tall friend Boofhead Oh, who expressed an appropriate amount of incredulity and amusement at our tiny avatars.

And then Mordecai came home and took one look at us all and ordered us out.

“Hi, Brother,” tiny me said. “I hope it’s all right for us to be here.”

“Hello, Mordecai said. “You’ll have to leave.”

I sort of figured we would have to, since his pants were unbuckled and down to his ankles in anticipation of jumping into the sack with his mistress.

It was a bummer to be so unceremoniously kicked out of a relative’s home, but then again, I had no deep wish to see Mordecai in action, and, after all, we were trespassing. Had the tables been turned, I would have happily asked him to go.

That almost ended the evening’s festivities, but by luck I had jumped not to Pele, but to Arwen’s Cottage in Lothlorien. Axel left us, but Boof and Sweetie took my teleport and then Melissa Yeuxdoux joined us.

Soon M. and Boof were deep in conversation.

All in all, another nice night in Second Life.


But maybe not for Axel

He IMed me a few minutes after leaving us. It seems his not-date was mad at him for hanging out and getting tiny with me and Sweetie. She was punishing him by not showing up for a date.

I’d been all in favor of Axel’s not-date until then, but you know, life is too short for petty people. Maybe I can find him another girl to not-date.

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